Whether your requirements necessitate simple standard designs, such as a channel frame, or custom designed equipment, McCord Conveyor Systems can supply your needs, from components to complete systems.

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Channel Frame Conveyors

We offer a wide array of channel frame type conveyors. We’ve provided small C6 channel frames to transport bottom ash from beneath a coal fired furnace at a local steam generation plant to C12 impact channel frame below a primary crusher in a heavy mining application. Pictured here is just a small sampling of our channel frame conveyor designs.

Belt Feeders

From a 4’-0” long feeder for a roofing shingle manufacture to capture fines overflow, to an 84” BW x 60’ feeder with a bed depth of 2’-0” and a 6’-0” long fiberglass section to enable utilizing a tramp metal detector and a discharge chute with integral flop gate for tramp metal rejection, we’ve supplied equipment for a wide variety of applications. Centered mostly on heavy mining operations and high production rock quarries, we’ve been a part of quite a few specialized feeders, where a complete custom designed feeder is required.

Fixed Height Radial Stackers

Over the years, we supplied an extensive list of fixed height radial stackers from local sand operations, to rock quarries and gold mines throughout North America, and even a magnesium-mica mine in southeastern Kansas sitting on top of an ancient volcanic dome. With the exception of a few jobs, all were custom tailored to fit the needs of the customer and existing site conditions. We offer a lighter duty (read still heavy duty but lighter than our standard duty), standard duty, as well as heavy duty for mining application and quarries in hurricane zones.


Grasshoppers, typically used in semi-permanent plants and portable overland applications, are becoming a more prominent feature in today’s mining operations. Due to permitting hurdles, a plant design that is non-permanent is becoming a popular option. Shown here are a few jobs that where provided grasshopper conveyors.

Fixed Stackers

Fixed stackers used for feeding storage buildings, structural domes and open conical stockpiles to be used for storage of material or to feed a under pile reclaim system are an important part of any operation. We have designed and engineered fixed stackers for many applications, like shown here.

Tubular Galleries

When longer spans and dust control are a necessity, tubular galleries are a great option. We’ve supplied numerous tubular galleries to many applications. Please let us know your tubular gallery needs.