Gold Mine

Gold Mine

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Case Study

May 1, 2017
Southeastern United States
McCord Conveyor Systems / Gold Ore Conveyors

McCord Conveyor engineered and supplied the belt conveyors for this mining project in early 2013. Due to permitting issues and subsequent setbacks, this project was delayed until mid-2016 before construction finally commenced. During the final phases of shipment and installation, ownership changed and a few eleventh hour changes were made to suit the new owners design philosophies. In a matter of weeks, two of the conveyors were redesigned using what had already been fabricated and was able to keep schedule and start-up date.

System Description

This system is designed for a maximum capacity of 1000TPH. The primary crusher discharge conveyor is a 42” BW conveyor that feeds a 36” BW primary discharge stockpile conveyor. The stockpile conveyor was later redesigned to feed a fixed stacker for an emergency stockpile, as well as feed a 36” BW SAG mill feed conveyor via a pair of apron feeders. The final two conveyors were a pair of 24” BW recirculation conveyors to reprocess the SAG mill oversize material to the ball mill gain.

Conveyor Specifications

All conveyors supplied on this job were extreme heavy duty truss construction with C10 top chords and L6x6x5/16” bottom chords with Class 2 drives. Heavy duty Goodman D5 idlers and impact beds as well as PPI Pro Duty HD pulleys with machined end discs with SAF 225 series bearings were used on this project.