Shallow Pit Rail Car Unloading

Shallow Pit Rail Car Unloading

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Case Study

March 10, 2005
Heckert Construction / Pittsburg, KS
McCord Conveyor Systems / Shallow Pit Rail Car Unloading System

McCord Conveyor designed and engineered both the rail car unloading system as well as system that loaded the rail cars in nearby Oxford, KS. The system in Oxford coincidentally included the first certified belt scale in the state of Kansas.

System Description

A shallow pit design rail car un-loader with a pit depth of 4’-0 under the bulk of the hopper and with an 8’-0 deep sections in the middle for the collecting conveyor. The connecting conveyor feeds a 100’-0” radial stacker. The systems are typically designed to unload at 500 TPH. The track hoppers are sized so that the railcar does not need to be moved while emptying. Two belt feeders pull material from the hoppers toward the collecting conveyor in the middle.

Hopper Specifications

The hopper and track support structure are an integral design that has been approved and certified by railroads. The hopper is of ¼” or mild steel plate with abrasion resistant liners.

Conveyor Specifications

Conveyors are supplied with heavy duty construction and a minimum Class 2 drives, as well as heavy duty components such as CEMA C5 idlers and CEMA HD class pulleys with double row spherical roller bearing pillow blocks. Various options are available


Rock Quarries / Sand & Gravel / Cement Plants / Mineral Processing

Equipment Types

Truss Frame Conveyors / Channel Frame Conveyors / Belt Feeders / Radial Stackers / Portable Equipment


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