Heavy Mining

industrial conveyor systems for heavy mining

McCord Conveyor Systems provides a wide range of equipment for heavy mining environments from primary feed conveyors to stock out conveyors and everything in between. We have supplied equipment in gold, copper, zinc and lead mines in the United States, Mexico and Central America. We take pride in providing robust designs that can handle these harsh and demanding environments.

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Grain / Fertilizer / Wood Chips

industrial conveyor systems for grain fertilizer wood chips

McCord Conveyor Systems has engineered everything from river barge unloading facilities to shipping container loading conveyors. We have also worked in the wood and paper industry at some of the leading paper producers facilities. Our engineering team can custom tailor their designs to fit the needs of a wide variety of industries, producing the right industrial conveyor systems to meet the needs and environment of the job.

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Sand & Gravel / Aggregate

industrial conveyor systems for sand gravel aggregate

In the early years, McCord Conveyor Systems developed quite a niche product for high end rock quarries in South Florida. Over the years, we have done quite a bit of work in the Sand/Gravel & Aggregate industries. All the way from low capacity end user sand operations, to high end, high capacity aggregate facilities, we’ve done it all. We do complete plant design all the way down to single conveyors, fix/radial stackers and tripper load out systems.

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